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Pins & Needles is Closing

 Just shy of our 7th Anniversary, Pins & Needles Studio will close     April 12, 2019.

We have enjoyed offering classes and labs that have taught so many about the joy of sewing.  It has been wonderful to meet and work with so many adults, teens, and pre-teens throughout these years.

Thanks, too, to our talented teachers, past and present, who have worked so diligently to make your sewing experience worthwhile . . .  Lisa Allen, Vivian Sturgis, Sally Phillips, Wendy May, and Kait Warnick.

To our many friends and patrons, I wish you all the best in the future.

Happy Sewing!

Nan Alexander


Pins & Needles has posted it’s calendar through March of 2019!!! 

All Adult classes will also begin the week of January 14th.  Our Adult 101 classes will continue on both mornings and evenings.  Check the calendar for all starting dates and times through the end of March. 

Also our After Adult 101 classes will continue on both Wednesday mornings from 10 – 12 noon and also on Wednesday evenings from 6:00 – 8:00 pm.

New After-School Classes will begin for the Spring during the week of January 14th.  We will have Experienced teens and preteens on each Tuesday and Thursday afternoons.  The Beginning teens and preteens will have classes each Wednesday afternoon.

As in the past, the after-school classes will begin at 3:45 and last until 5:45.  Times for classes may change due to dismissal times of schools.  This will be set during the first class with teacher and students.





Remember if you have questions or want to sign up for a class always email!!!


 The  procedure for signing up is:

1)  Email Nan at:
2)  Include the name of the class and the date and time of the class you would like to take.
3)  Nan will send you a registration on a return email. (Registrations are also still available on each class page.)
4)  Fill in the registration and mail it in with your deposit or full payment.  This will hold your spot in the class.
NOTE:  Please know that classes fill quickly which leaves little room for make up classes so please check your schedules so that you can attend and get the MOST from all six of your classes.
5)  Your name will be placed on the list for the class you are taking and a spot held for you when your registration and deposit/payment are received.
6)  Spots are held on a first-come, first-serve basis as deposits are received.
Just a quick reminder that Pins & Needles only accepts checks or cash right now, but we are working hard to add an innovative credit card link to our site so that you will be able to pay-in-full when you register.  We will let you know as soon as the link is added for your convenience.
As always, email Nan at: with any questions about your class before you come.
  • The calendar has been updated now and is posted.  You will find the new calendar on the “Calendar” page…just click on the link provided on that page to check it out.

ADULT 101 – LEARNING TO SEW CLASSES will still be offered throughout the year.  This is our most popular class for all adults. The Adult 101 classes are 2 1/2 hours in length and meet one day of the week for six weeks.  We offer both morning times from 9:30 – 12:00  and evening times from 6:00 – 8:30.  The cost for the Adult 101 – Learning to Sew class is $165.00.  Remember when checking the calendar for classes, look for “Adult 101 – Learning to Sew – Class #1” and this will show you the beginning date of the class.  Classes are numbered 1-6 for each series of classes for all Adult 101 classes being offered.

NOTE:  Please know that classes fill quickly which leaves little room for make up classes so please check your schedules so that you can attend and get the MOST from all six of your classes.

  • Adult 101 – Learning to Sew……There will be lots of new classes for adults in the mornings and evenings.  These classes are not only for the “true beginner” sewer, but also the sewer who would like a “true refresher” from the very beginning again!  You do not have to bring a thing to the first class!  We will give you all of the information at that time so you will be ready for the following classes.  See more information on the “Classes” page.

 ADULT AFTER 101 IS AN OPEN STUDIO class for adults who are working on individual projects and/or garments. Sign up to bring your work in during the After 101 times and we will troubleshoot and teach skills to help you develop more skills and techniques in sewing.  The cost for the After 101 Class for Adults is $25.00 per session.  One of our three teachers will be there to assist you with your needs.

  • You must let us know if you are coming to the After 101 Studio.  We ask that you let us know a minimum of 24 hours in advance. 

  • Email ahead of time to:

  • This will just give us a ”heads-up” that you will be coming to the studio.   If no one is signed up for particular sessions, the studio may be closed during that time or a different class substituted.

  • Remember, you can always sign-up or let us know ahead when you are in the studio… problem at all!!!

  • Adult 101 classes are always on Wednesday mornings and on Wednesday evenings and some Friday mornings when there is not an Adult 101 class.  If you need some time and cannot fit these times into your schedule please email Nan and we will find times for you to come in to work on your special projects.  Remember that one of our four teachers will be there to assist you with your needs.

AFTER-SCHOOL CLASSES FOR  TEENS AND PRETEENS are continuing now in the last sessions of the school year.  The After-School Classes will be offered again in the fall after school begins.  They are on the current calendar now beginning in September

  • Classes will be offered on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons for experienced students and on Wednesday afternoons for beginning students.   Classes will need to have a minimum of three students to be held.  These classes will be listed on the calendar.
  • If you are interested in these please email Nan.   A registration will be emailed for you to print out and mail in with your deposit.  These classes meet one day a week for six weeks at a cost of $185.00.
  • Classes begin as soon as your school day ends (and you can get to the studio) until 5:45.  Sorry, but we cannot give you a beginning time since school dismissal times are so irregular around the county.  Your individual Pins & Needles teacher will set the class beginning time with attending students at the first meeting.

Also get to know our three great teachers at

Pins & Needles Studio!

Lisa Allen has been teaching at Pins & Needles Studio for the past four years in  Teen/Preteen, Adult 101, and After 101 classes. Lisa is also a current Wake County Public Schools Apparel Teacher at Cary High School.  She is an accomplished seamstress.

Vivian Sturgis has been teaching apparel classes in Wake County Schools for many years.  Vivian will be teaching the Adult 101 class and also the new 4 week Adult 102 class.  Vivian is an accomplished seamstress.  Welcome Vivian!

Nan Alexander, owner of Pins & Needles Studio, teaches the After 101 classes and Flat Pattern Classes. Nan is a retired from 40 years at Broughton High School as an Apparel Teacher and also taught at North Carolina State University College of Design.  She is an accomplished seamstress.

Let us know if you have any questions!

              The best way to reach us is to email at:   

We try to answer emails on a daily basis usually once a day.  When we are teaching we do not answer phones or emails as a rule.  Feel free to email with any questions.


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 Pins & Needles Studio, LLC, seeks to foster and encourage a love of sewing.

Our goal is to introduce people of all ages to a creative experience, one that they will want to build on as they become more proficient.  We want this studio to be a place where sewers can come to learn, share and enjoy being with others in a creative and enjoyable atmosphere.

We hope to provide teaching and guidance for all levels, from the fundamentals to the intricate.

As always, Happy Sewing!!!!

Thank you!

Remember, your input creates much of our schedule!  Thank you!